Telluride February 2012

Decided to take a trip down to Telluride to see some old friends last week.  I have been to Telluride before to snowboard, but for various reasons, didn’t do a lot of actual riding.  So I called up my friend and riding buddy Adam to see if he wanted to go too.  He was in and off we went. The first night we were there we went to meet my friend at the New Sheridan Bar on the main street in Telluride.  So we get in there and grab a beer thinking it will be a mellow Monday night.  Then someone comes up and tells us Dennis Quaid is playing pool in back.  The night got weirder after that, but we’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, the next day ended up being a bit of a slow start, but we headed up the mountain and took a hike out to a run called Mountain Quail.  The view from the top of the prospector lift and black iron bowl is something else.

Palmyra Peak

We got our boards and skis strapped on to the backpacks and commenced hiking up the ridge.

Getting ready

Finally made it to the top, had some delicious venison sausage with cheese and jalapenos and then dropped in.

Cam dropped first

Adam in the gut

A little artsy fartsy black and white…

Put the camera away for the day after that.  Rode some nice trees and did the “See forever challenge” down to Mountain Village for a little apres.

The next morning dawned clear and cold.  The view from the house ain’t bad.

The view from the bus stop isn’t too shabby either.

Headed to the Gondola station and jumped on the lift.

Chair 9 starburst

Gotta love days like that.  Headed over to Gold Hill to hike out the recently opened chutes.  We tried to get out there the day before but patrol had closed the gates right before we got there due to an avalanche in Bear Creek in a run called “Deep and Dangerous”.

Anyway, strapped the boards to the backpacks again and off we went.  The views do not suck.


The altitude wasn’t the only thing that would take your breath away.

Upper Bear Creek

And looking the other direction…

Adam and I.

Killin it

At the top of Gold Hill #9.

The Gnar himself.

One of the few places I’ve been that is steeper and gnarlier than the East Wall at Arapahoe Basin.

Hope you brought your gnarly boots.

GH 9, what it looks like from the bottom.

Adam, getting Xtreme

Gnar buckets (I like to use the word Gnarly and its many variations.  Shoot me.)


Telluride is a really fun town and a really bad ass mountain.  If you go, be ready to party and bring your “a-game” skiing and snowboarding skills. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and words.  I’m working on my story telling skills with this blog too.

Till  next time…