Early season mountain biking.

Mountain bike season came early to Summit County and Breckenridge.  The Oro Grande trail was good to go by early March and I got out on it as quick as I could.  The unseasonably warm temperatures (60 degrees in March!) that made the snow crummy made the biking pretty good pretty quick.

This shot was taken across the valley from Keystone in late March.

Tenderfoot trail, pretty sure this was closing weekend for Keystone.

Tenderfoot trail view.

Mmm, early season single track!

The flumes trails opened up not too long after. These trails are in my backyard and I love them.

Taken on my iPhone and treated with instagram.

Hard to complain when you get views like this from the backyard trail.

Then after Copper and Breckenridge closed for the regular season I took off for Moab for a while.

Mostly I was too busy hauling ass and having fun to take too many pictures but I did get a few.  I also managed to leave my point & shoot camera in my friends truck which is now in Park City, UT, so I didn’t have my usual pocket sized camera.  Lets just say that if you ever get a chance to ride Kokopelli down (or the Whole Enchilada) you should do it.  Also got to check out Amasa Back, the Baby Steps trail system, the Magnificent 7 area and Pipe Dream.

Here are a few pictures I got from the top of the Mag 7 trails area.

Yours truly and my trusty co-pilot.

La Sals

I’m looking forward to the summer, hoping to get out a lot and try to take more pictures.  The hard part is balancing my desire to take pictures with the desire to train and get fast on the bike.