Working on trying to write more.  About a week ago I almost wrote a post about my experience with yoga, something about yoga and the endurance athlete.  But I’m not an endurance athlete.  I’m just a hack that likes to ride a bike as far and fast as I can whenever I can.  But lately I’ve had more energy than I can ever remember having.  Maybe its got something to do with the fact that I’m sitting about 155 pounds. I don’t remember when the last time I weighted that was.  Maybe freshman year of high school?  But the other variable is that I’ve been doing yoga classes twice a week and getting in a bit of a daily practice each day.  Its incredible how good my body feels, old sore joints don’t creak as much, my back isn’t so sore all the time after a bike ride.  Hell, I even went running.  Twice.  I think I swore that I would never run again after high school lacrosse.

Its weird to have this much energy.  Its like I can’t get it all out.  Good feeling though.  I feel powerful, nimble, and loose.


Anyway, here are some pictures from my weekend, as well as a few from Moab last month.  Finally got my camera back from Drew in Jackson whose truck I accidentally left it in on day two of bike riding.

The view from the top of Kokopelli down in Moab.

A couple more…


The Gnar himself.



Back in Colorado now, this was this weekend on the west ridge of the Colorado Trail.  I was lazy last year and didn’t ride this section.  Glad I got back this year.  Nice to do solo because you can FLY.  Coming off of Tiger Rd on to the North Fork, about to start the climb in ernest.


Climbing higher.

Why I ride.




Guyot and Baldy


One of the best rides in Summit County, link up North Fork/ Westridge of the CT to Blair Witch, CT down to Hwy 9.  Add or subtract mileage as you see fit.