Arches National Park, January 5, 2012

I was going through my archives the other night and found a whole days’ worth of unpublished photos from my trip to Arches National Park back in January (other posts HERE and HERE).  I’d been meaning to post these way back then, but I didn’t really see much potential in them then, as I had been shooting in the mid day sun before driving back to Breckenridge. Well, it turns out the second look turned up some gems.  Arches National Park is an amazingly beautiful place, and if you ever get the chance, I strongly encourage you to go and visit.

This is right near the entrance to the park, its called Park Ave.

Park Ave.

The Three Apostles are on the left side of this formation, and are pretty cool looking.

The Three Apostles

I didn’t make the hike to the iconic overlook of Delicate Arch because you can’t bring dogs into the backcountry of the National Park. Instead, I took a slightly shorter hike and got a different perspective on the much photographed delicate arch.

Delicate Arch

After that it was time to head back up the mountain to Breckenridge.  The drive north from Moab along the Colorado River is quite stunning.  I’m really pleased with this photograph.


The views are pretty stunning.

Road side attraction.


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