Dirtbag Rules (a series)

Rule number 1 of being a dirt bag: never, ever, point your headlamp down the pit toilet.

This rule can never be violated. If you are a mountain biker or a rock climber, you will likely spend some time camping in places where there are pit toilets  aka vault toilets. These things are gross, but necessary evils. During the day, they are dark enough inside that you probably can’t see the bottom (this is good), at night, you walk in with your head lamp, and maybe you are a little worried about spiders, or scorpions or whatever, depending on where you are. That is fine, check the seat, but do it in such a way that the light doesn’t shine to the bottom. Trust me.

Rule number 2: If you are camping somewhere and your neighbor packs up and leaves, make sure that you take a look at their site before the next group arrives, you might find some firewood, which beats paying for it, especially if you are a dirtbag.  Just to be clear, I don’t mean steal shit when people have left for the day, I mean when people pack up at the end of their stay at the campground.

Next time we’ll discuss ways to find free camping.


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