November photo dump

I was pretty busy in November and didn’t find time to update this blog as much as I should have. Catching up to where we are now. November produced a lot of really great sunsets here in Crested Butte.

Red Lady at Sunset, Red Lady, Mt. Emmons, Crested Butte, Sunset, Mountain sunset, colorado photo, ed carley photo

Red Lady at Sunset

Walking the dog at sunset always makes for a nice way to cap a day.

Crested Butte sunset, Crested Butte Photos, Ed Carley photo

Looking south from Crested Butte at Sunset

Mt. Crested Butte reflection, Mt. Crested Butte, Crested Butte Colorado, Crested Butte photos, Ed Carley Photo, reflection of mountain in water, Mountain photo

Walking along the lower loop I caught this reflection of Mt. Crested Butte off of a beaver pond.

Its hard to beat this town for sunsets and views really.

Paradise Divide reflection, Crested Butte, Colorado, Crested Butte Colorado, mountain photos, Crested Butte photos, lower loop, Ed Carley photo

Looking up valley at Paradise Divide with another reflection off of the beaver ponds on the lower loop.

Then it snowed! It snowed early in November and I went hiking for some turns at Irwin Lake. It didn’t amount to much, but it helped scratch the itch.

Hiking for turns, Irwin Lake snow, snowboarding at Irwin Lake, snowboarder hiking, snow, Ed Carley, Ed Carley photo, cold

I went up to Irwin Lake to look for snow.

I found a few good turns.

Snow, Snowboarding, Powder Turns, Irwin Powder

First faceshots of the season.

I shot a little bit of video too, I might put it up after I look at it again.  It was a fun day, but man was it COLD. We had single digit temperatures all weekend. It did warm up again after that though. That week I went up to Loveland ski area for Demo days for work. It was a fun day of trying out new snowboards, but I didn’t shoot any photo or video that was any good.

Soon after that came opening day at Crested Butte.  I went up shortly before the mountain opened to get some shots of the snowmaking piles for my social media duties at work, and I was treated to this awesome sunset. It only lasted a couple of minutes, so I felt especially lucky. This is an instagram shot.

Crested Butte Mountain Resort Sunset, Crested Butte Colorado, Crested Butte ski area sunset, Colorado Sunset, Ed Carley photo, sunset

A few passing moments of glory and it was gone.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of snow since early November, so I decided to get back on skis for the first time in 6 years.  Turns out I still know how.  I was also product testing for work so I can describe our equipment to the guests.

Ed Carley Photo

Atomic Panic skis. They are fun.

As you can see, we could use a bit of snow. I had a couple double header days- skiing/snowboarding and then mountain biking in Gunnison at Hartman Rocks. There are some really great trails down there. I really enjoyed Collarbone Alley, which is right above the parking lot.

Hartman Rocks, Gunnison Colorado Mountain biking, collarbone alley, Hartmans Rocks, Hartmans Rocks Mountain Biking, Hartman Rocks Mountain biking, Hartmans Rocks Trails, Hartman Rocks Trails, Ed Carley photo, Gunnison Mountain biking

I went and rode my bike at Hartman Rocks.

The views up at Hartman Rocks aren’t too shabby either.

Hartman Rocks, Hartmans Rocks, Hartman Rocks Mountain Biking, Hartmans Rocks Mountain biking, Gunnison Colorado mountain biking, mountain biking

Friends coming up the trail at Hartman Rocks.

Sunset at Hartman Rocks.

Hartman's sunset, Gunnision Colorado sunset, Hartman Rocks sunset, Hartmans Rocks sunset, colorado sunset

The sunset from Hartman’s trailhead.

I made it into the local newspaper’s Thanksgiving section. The question was, “what are you thankful for?”

IMG_1171ecmAnd that sort of wraps up the month of November. We did get a really great moonrise the other night at the shop.

IMG_5889ecmThe gnar himself goofing around with a GoPro selfie.

Ed Carley

What a goof.

Thanks for checking out the pictures!


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