Slush Huck Costumes, Closing weekend at Crested Butte.

Went to the Crested Butte slush huck yesterday and watched some people get very, very wet and cold. Mostly I took pictures of people’s awesome costumes.

IMG_8306web IMG_8309web IMG_8310web IMG_8313web IMG_8316web IMG_8321web IMG_8332web IMG_8333web IMG_8335web IMG_8343web IMG_8350web

IMG_8581web IMG_8577web

Eye of the tiger

Eye of the tiger

IMG_8549web IMG_8546web



IMG_8511web IMG_8490web IMG_8486web IMG_8482web IMG_8476web IMG_8468web

Things got a bit weird...

Things got a bit weird…

IMG_8457web IMG_8442web IMG_8431web IMG_8399web IMG_8392web IMG_8376web IMG_8374web IMG_8353web


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