My last week in Crested Butte

I’m currently sitting in Washington, D.C., where I will be making my home for the next 2 years or so as I attend graduate school.  What does that mean for you, dear followers? Well, it means you’ll be seeing images of the monuments, and hopefully some cool shots from the Appalachian mountains and maybe some other locales.  However, I do have a LOT of images from my time in Colorado, and I imagine that I will occasionally be revisiting those and posting them.  For now, here are two images from my last week in Crested Butte.

One evening while walking my dog I saw this black bear near peanut lake.

Black Bear

Black Bear

My last friday night in town I went up to CBMR for their free DH mountain bike lift rides.  As I was leaving to head back to town, I snapped this wildflower shot with my GoPro over on the West Side trail.



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