Monarch Mountain Powder February 2013

Going through GoPro footage as I (finally) get around to trying to cut together a season edit from the winter of 2012-13.  I found some cool shots from a day at Monarch Ski Area with my friend David.  These are all just screen grabs from my GoPro.  I’ve posted a video, but I just noticed I never posted any photos. This is what I had written up for a draft post for the day.

Friday night my friend David and I were at the Talk of the Town discussing the lack of snow in Crested Butte over a couple of Bourbon and Gingers. As we lamented the lack of powder snow in our skiing and riding diets of late, we decided that we needed to go to Monarch Ski Area on Sunday, where they had received 2 feet on Friday, and were forecast to see up to another two feet over the weekend. So we waxed up the skis and boards, packed our gear up on Saturday night so we could leave early Sunday morning and off we went.

The drive from CB to Monarch is only about an hour, but takes you through a beautiful part of the west slope of Colorado, seeing bald eagles is not uncommon, and we saw a number of deer along the way too. You also have to watch out for hay combines in sharp icy turns (but thats a story for another time).

When we reached the top of Monarch Pass it was clear that the snow reports weren’t lying, the snow was DEEP. We jumped in line, got our lift tickets and then slid into the lift lines to head to Mirkwood Basin. After a slightly longer wait than we would have hoped for, we were hiking up to the ridge.

We dropped in and found knee to thigh deep snow on our first run. We were stoked.

Video from that day:

Monarch selfie Monarch Pow Monarch pow 9 Monarch pow 8 Monarch pow 7 David Monarch pow 6 Monarch pow 3 Monarch pow 2 David Monarch 7 David Monarch 5 Monarch Mountain, Monarch Ski Area


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