Fall in my neighborhood

This is my first fall outside of Colorado in a long time and seeing all the pictures of snow and golden aspen trees makes me miss it a little bit.  But then I look at the temperature readings in Crested Butte and other places in the west and my fingers and toes go numb.  Here in DC the temperatures are still pretty nice and the leaves are beginning to change.  While I miss the mountains, I’m very happy to be warm.  Despite its lack of good skiing and sizable mountains, DC has begun to grow on me.  Last weekend my roommate and I went for a 7 mile run, almost completely on wooded trails.  At times I couldn’t believe I was still with in the district.  Then we would pop out onto some street, and then right back into the woods.  It was pretty cool to find the feeling of the woods in the city.  I’m hoping to make a trip out to the Appalachian Mountains to shoot some fall color, but between papers for graduate school and a trip to San Jose, California next week, I’m not sure it will happen.  A few of the trees in my neighborhood have begun to change ahead of all the others, and I snapped a few shots last week when we had a some rain.

Fall color

Fall Color

Fall color


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