Second annual Carley family Kiawah beach trip

Aside from it having been way too long since I posted here (thanks grad school!) I managed to get some nice photos at the beach this year.  After a crazy semester of learning about Sustainability in purchasing, business strategy, marketing, and public policy capped off with straight As (go me!) it was time to head down to the beach with my family.

Kiawah Island is about 45 minutes or so from Charleston, SC and is a pretty nice place to go and unwind for a few days.

Of course, the day we arrived the weather was not so great.


But it made for some interesting photos.



Fortunately the next day was nice.


Maybe not so nice for this guy.


We went to Bohicket Marina and accidentally crashed a wedding rehearsal dinner. Then I snapped some pictures of the family.


And of the sunset.



The last day was pretty nice too.  I snagged this picture of my mom and dad when they weren’t looking.


On the way home we stopped by Angel Oak, which is pretty cool.  Next time I’m in there area I’d like to spend a bit more time there.




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