Travels in Spain, 2011, pt. 1: Granada.

This blog post has been a long time coming.  In 2011, I traveled to Spain to meet my sister, Virginia, who had just finished teaching english in South Korea and was at the beginning of a stretch of backpacking and traveling in Europe, followed by a a stretch of surfing in Portugal and Morocco. I was there for about two and a half weeks in August and September, and we visited Madrid, Granada, Barcelona, the Pyrenes, the Costa Brava and a town called Roses, the Salvador Dali Museum in Figures (highly recommended if you are ever in the neighborhood), and about 48 hours in Paris.  I took this trip about 3 months after I had obtained my first DSLR, and I was still learning to use it, and compose good photos along the way.  These are some of the shots I’ve looked back on and enjoyed.  This post will focus on Granada.

I flew into Madrid, but we didn’t stay there very long.  It was hotter than hell, and the Pope was in town, so there were a million pilgrims. We very quickly decided to head south to Granada, which was still hotter than hell, but with fewer pilgrims. I really wanted to visit the Alhambra palace there.

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

The alhambra is a Moorish palace built over several centuries, and is absolutely beautiful.

There are 3 palaces there built over about 300 years. As you move up the hill you move into the newer sections. There is also extensive use of water and plant features to create an oasis sort of effect that is very calming, and offers a cooling effect (did I mention that Granada is hot as hell?).


The Moors were Muslim, and did not believe in reproducing the human form in their art. As a result, the art in this palace is derived from geometric shapes.


An example of the sort of art that adorned the palace.


Another example.


Some of the adornments were massive, its really hard to imagine how long it must have taken to create these works. My sister provides a bit of scale in this one.


The city also has some very old parts, including this structure which was just around the corner from our hostel. I woke up early the first morning there and decided to go take photos since I couldn’t sleep.


And just around the corner.


Granada has some very photogenic markets, including a spice market.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t that comfortable with the camera yet, and didn’t make a lot of great images there.  I do really like some of the images I got in the spice market there, like these.





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